Solve your marketing and sales challenges! Mapping Analytics takes a unique geographic approach to profiling your customers and predicting market potential for your products and services, then applies this intelligence to help you develop productive sales territories and select profitable sites. We provide consulting and analytic services, software, and data to help you achieve your goals.



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Customer Profiling

Who is your customer? Who is your target customer? Understanding your customers is a foundation for effective marketing and selling.

Market Potential Analysis

How many customers are you likely to gain in a market? Understand the opportunity for your product or service.

Trade Area Analysis

Where do your customers come from? Answer this question to gain the basis for retail site selection, network optimization and targeted marketing.

GIS Software & Data

Where do you find the right tools for the job? At ProAlign.

Sales Territory Alignment

How can you increase sales force productivity? Place sales resources and define territories to increase customer coverage, sales productivity, revenue, and team morale.


Site Selection

Where should you place the next store or branch? How will it affect your other store locations? It’s a market question, not a real estate one.