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> Align territories to boost revenue & productivity
> Proactively address organizational change
> Foster equality and commitment among sales team

Sales Territory Alignment, Design, Optimization and Mapping

Sales organizations often change. Sales management needs to change sales territories as well. Key customers, sales people, sales managers, products, and competitors come and go.

Each of these factors impacts sales productivity and creates the need for sales territory analysis. Sometimes just a small sales territory realignment can have a big impact on your sales force productivity.

Is Your Sales Force Productive?

Optimized sales territories that are compact in size and aligned to each other without gaps will help you achieve a number of measurable and sustainable benefits including:

If Your Territories are Not Balanced . . .

Studies show that 80% of companies are missing 2-7% of unrealized sales because their territories are misaligned. Poorly aligned and unbalanced territories have negative consequences. They include:

What to Do About Your Sales Territories

Start by downloading "Three Steps to More Productive Territories.” This white paper outlines a valuable process for significantly improving the performance of your sales territories. It contains practical advice written in plain English. And it will help you make a more informed choice about your sales territory alignment options. View it now.

"How to Set Up Sales Territories"

Deciding how to divide sales territories create the most efficient environment for your sales team is more difficult than just drawing lines on a map. Read the article in Inc.

Sales Territory White Paper

"Accelerating Revenue in a Down Economy" -- whether you are expanding territories or contracting, this white paper demonstrates an approach to help you achieve success.
Download white paper

Sales Territory White Paper

"Three Steps to More Productive Territories" outlines a valuable process for improving the performance of your sales territories. It will help you make an informed choice about sales territory alignment options.
Download white paper


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