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Smarter Decisions, Better Results

When we talk about smarter decisions, we mean helping you make the right choices about how to deploy marketing and sales resources more effectively. Better results? Those come from the increased revenue, profit and productivity our clients come to us to achieve.

Location. Location. Location.

You know the old ‘location’ adage used by real estate agents. It rings every bit as true in the business world too.

If you don't have the right people in the right places — or stores, branches or service centers located to best serve and gain customers — you can’t be as profitable as you should be.

Mapping Analytics takes a unique geographic approach to profiling your customers and predicting market potential for your products and services. We then apply this intelligence to help you develop productive sales territories and select profitable sites. Count on us for consulting and analytic services, mapping software, and data to help you achieve your goals.

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Company Overview

2-page profile of Mapping Analytics and our geographic approach to solving your marketing and sales challenges.
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A Multi-Source Reseller

A mult-source reseller such as Mapping Analytics will always advocate for the solution that best meets your needs and budget..
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The Words of Our Customers


"We’re using profiling to identify prospective consumers in ways we never knew existed a year ago... Now our clients can tailor their messages more precisely to those who want or need one or more services."

Yuriy Boykiv, Senior Manager of Business Development,
Global Advertising Strategies


“Mapping Analytics showed us how we could provide better, faster service . . . and do it affordably.”
Erwin Ishmael
SONY Electronics USA.


“More than just maps, they gave us the tools that helped us grow our business.”
Jim Mahoney, CEO
Financial Freedom™
Senior Funding Corporation


“Mapping Analytics showed us where the holes in our data were and helped us fill them. In the end we had a solution based on facts, not assumptions.”
William Webb
Project Manager, Sealy