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> Desktop and Web-based mapping software
> Multiple data types and sources
> Multi-vendor sources = best solution for you

GIS Software, Desktop Mapping, Demographics and Mapping Data

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You're looking for software and data to perform mapping and geographic analysis. There are many good products on the market. And we can help you choose.

Mapping Analytics resells software and geographic, demographic and specialty data from multiple vendors. We have no exclusive agreements or incentives to choose one over another. Our only goal is to help you find the solution that will best help you achieve your objectives.

You can trust these products because we use them ourselves to provide expert analytic services to our customers.

Desktop and Web-based Mapping and GIS Software

Mapping Analytics is an authorized reseller of MapInfo software, a leading vendor in the market. The company's robust software offerings provide full feature sets for sophisticated geographic analysis and creating compelling, useful maps that provide intelligence and actionable information.

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Sales Territory Alignment & Optimization Software

ProAlign®, developed by sales territory experts at Mapping Analytics, allows you to create, align and automatically optimize sales/service territories.

In just three steps you can assign, align, realign, optimize and visualize your sales territories, enabling you to see where sales opportunities exist, identify gaps and overlaps in sales coverage, and determine how sales coverage can best be aligned with market opportunities.

Data Analysis, Address Geocoding & Data Transformation



Whether you're looking for demographic data and lifestyle segmentation systems or geographic data such as streets, Census boundaries or ZIP Codes, you've come to the right place.

Software Partnerships

Mapping Analytics is an authorized reseller and provides support and training for:

Pitney Bowes



Data Partnerships

Whatever kind of data you are looking for - from demographic data to ZIP Codes to specialty data sets - Mapping Analytics has the industry relationships to locate the data for you, advise you on exactly what you need, and sell it at a fair price.

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Software and Data or
Analytical Services?

Mapping Analytics takes an open-minded approach to solving your business challenge. We will assess your needs and provide the right set of software and data for you or we will put our team of expert analysts on the job to help you achieve your goals.

Sometimes we do both. Analytical services to perform the heavy lifting and tools to keep you up and running on your own.

Which path is right for you? Contact us and let's start talking.