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Customer Profiling Benefits

Many of our customers ask for help in finding out who their customers are. It's an important question to ask — and answer. Once you peform customer segmentation, you can understand who your customers are from a demographic perspective. And you're on your way to achieving many key benefits for your organization:

Understand Untapped Market Potential
An accurate profile of your customers allows you to analyze market areas or neighborhoods to understand your penetration rates and the market potential for your products and services. Penetration rate points to where market opportunity exists.

Improve Targeted Marketing
By identifying and understanding the customers in the clusters where you have the highest penetration, you can target marketing or business activities to those who are most likely to purchase your products. You can improve response rates and ROI by precisely marketing to prospects with offers that will appeal specifically to them.

Choose Better Sites
Customer profiling is a key analysis necessary to project the size of the total market opportunity, and project revenue and customers for new or planned locations. Few companies can make successful site selection decisions without first understanding customer profiles.

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A packaged analytic service to profile and segment your customer base.

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Customer Profiling Analysis

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Graph shows which customer profiles have the highest propensity to purchase. View chart