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In-Store Consumer Surveys

Affordable research & data collection using in-store kiosks

Using in-store self-service kiosks to survey consumers can save 25-50% off traditional data collection methods.

Mapping Analytics has a new data collection program allowing retailers to place an unattended kiosk in a store to collect consumer intercept survey responses through a wireless Internet connection, making consumer research affordable.

Benefits of In-Store Kiosks for Consumer Research

Affordable Consumer Research Program

Key Uses of Consumer Research

With consumer intercept research now affordable, retailers can use data collected to support or make key strategic decisions:

New Site Evaluation / Sales Forecasting

Site evaluation and sales forecasting require large samples of consumer data and an understanding of typical trip patterns and where customers come from — data that can be easily collected using kiosks.

Store Impact Analysis

Consumer data and travel patterns help retailers understand the potential impact of a new store on the current market. The sales potential for a new store and sales transfer from existing stores can be modeled based on various store network and consumer demand scenarios.

Product and Service Research

Retailers can use kiosks to solicit consumer feedback on everything from new products offered in the store to new seating arrangements, décor or service policies.

Customer Satisfaction Research

Data collected from kiosks can fuel ongoing, longitudinal studies that measure customer satisfaction and attitudes, brand strength and attributes, and shifts in consumer preferences and behavior.

Typical Consumer Research Programs

Most consumer research projects using on-site kiosks will fit into one of three categories:

Deployment Process

Mapping Analytics has defined a straightforward deployment process to help ensure the success of kiosk data collection programs. The steps include:


Survey implementation


Database development

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Affordable data collection and surveying using in-store kiosks and the Internet.

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